Kelly Oubre free, 3 franchises on him!

On the market this summer, will Kelly Oubre stay with the Warriors? Given the interest of the teams, this seems more and more improbable. Three franchises follow closely the winger, suggesting that a departure is near.

At the Suns before landing at the Warriors this year, Kelly Oubre had to provide a real boost after leaving the bench for Steve Kerr’s men. Unfortunately, and after a failed start, we quickly understood that the winger was going to be in trouble. And while he has managed to wake up over the months, his first season as a player at Golden State remains very mixed.

The Dubs are entitled to expect more from him, he who has never found his marks in shooting. Now things are changing since Klay Thompson is back, at least he will be for the start of next year. Oubre will therefore find the bench, compromising his future.

Indeed, the winger is convinced that he can be a potential holder in the NBA, as evidenced by the amount requested on his future contract. Quite high fees, which will probably dissuade the Warriors from retaining him. However, let the player be reassured, three other teams dream of recovering the person concerned for the 2021-22 season.

In his last article for Yahoo Sports, Vincent Goodwill mentions an interest from the Spurs, the Knicks and the Heat:

According to league sources, Miami, San Antonio and New York are among the teams interested in Oubre at the free agency. It is easy to see a good fit with these franchises.

A player who, when in good shape, can become a good shooter is certainly a sought-after profile. The three franchises cited need that, but the question still arises as to whether Oubre can regain his true level of play. Without injury, and with a newfound confidence, especially given his age, everything indicates so.

In his best season with the Suns, the winger was shooting 18.7 points with over 45% shooting. If he manages to find a similar production, then he could do a lot of good within his new team. Because yes, a return to Dubs seems more compromised than ever.

Despite a delicate season, Kelly Oubre should have no problems finding a new team this summer. The interest remains great, and it is now up to the winger to find the right environment in order to revive.

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