KD persists and signs his lunar explanations on the Warriors

If Kevin Durant is also unloved by a large part of the NBA community, it is above all for his sometimes very limiting statements. The Nets winger has notably spoken in a dubious way about the Warriors this season. He has also delivered recently, with new controversial remarks.

Double champion in three years spent at Golden State, Kevin Durant seems to have a complicated relationship with the California franchise, however. One of the reasons is that despite his status as a superstar, he was not really the leader of his team, due to the presence of Steph Curry and Draymond green.

As a result, KD has regularly tackled his former teammates since his departure for the Nets, sometimes half-heartedly, sometimes openly. His last outing clearly falls into the second category. Guest on the podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the 2014 MVP literally destroyed the entire Warriors franchise:

The organization has never been a winning organization. When I was in the league, nobody liked Golden State. So I felt like they were underdogs. Because I watch the entire franchise. I am not looking at what has happened in the past five years. They’ve never been a permanent winner in the NBA, since the ’50s. So I’m like, “Damn, this is an underdog franchise made for me.

It felt good, I was like « I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be. » It wasn’t LA It wasn’t New York. I felt like I was where I needed to be. And I think they gave me the experience I wanted, these runs like, « Wow, we’re about to do a race trying to win 16 games. » I wanted to regain that feeling.

We managed to do this three times. I was on top every time. Man, I was like, « I don’t want to go anywhere else ». I didn’t want to do anything in the NBA other than making such runs for the title. We may not win. But knowing that we can be one of the last teams is fun ”.

It’s daring on the part of Durantula to say the least… After all, the Warriors were coming off a record-breaking season at 73-9 before he arrived in the Bay. Add to that the “We Believe” period of 2007, as well as the Run TMC of the 90s, and we get enough to form a hell of a fan base! Not sure Curry & co. appreciate these words …

True to himself, Kevin Durant never stops releasing controversial outings. With that one, however, he should have got his feet badly in the carpet. It wouldn’t be surprising if he suffered a big backfire!

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