Kawhi Leonard’s laconic reaction after Game 4

After a poor start to the playoffs, the Clippers reacted perfectly with two straight wins against the Mavs. Not enough to get carried away Kawhi Leonard, who had a fairly calm response, in his image.

If the Clippers are among the favorites for the title, they have failed to meet expectations to start the playoffs. Even though Luka Doncic was monstrous, more was expected from Tyronn Lue’s men, who started their postseason with two nasty losses. A reaction was expected, and it took place.

With two successes in a row, the Clippers reacted perfectly, and even have the mental edge for the rest of the series. Something to celebrate Kawhi leonard ? Not at all. After the victory, the winger was very serious, aware that there is still a long way to go.

“The job is not done yet. We must maintain a balanced mindset and be prepared for the future. « 

And how can we not agree with Kawhi, who knows full well that a possible awakening of the Mavs is possible. The Clippers must be ready for all eventualities if they want to win the two meetings to follow, and thus reach the second round of the playoffs. The Klaw rightly spoke about the changes made to get there.

Kawhi on the changes from the last two games: “We help each other, we trust each other more. We have been practicing a very good defense in the last two games. « 

An expected awakening from the Clippers, who have only two games to win to go up a huge gap against the Mavs. And count on Kawhi Leonard to finish the job.

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