Kawhi badly trolled during the defeat of the Clippers!


Brian Rothmuller / Icon Sportswire

Returned to 1-2 in this conference final, the Clippers failed to follow up this Saturday night. The franchise is in big trouble, and Kawhi Leonard’s behavior isn’t helping. The latter was badly trolled live by Mike Breen.

During the first two series in these playoffs, the Clippers were led 0-2 each time. So no question of panicking for them against the Suns in this conference final, and this scenario was confirmed during Game 3 a little earlier in the week: victory for Tyronn Lue’s men, who wanted to continue this Saturday night.

The problem is, Chris Paul is back in the face. Things are more complicated, to the point that Los Angeles lost again this Saturday by the score of 84-80. Devin Booker’s teammates therefore lead 3-1 in this final in the West, one game away from joining the last round.

Monstrous during the last part, Paul George fell violently with 23 points certainly, but a 5/20 shooting, including 1/9 with three points. A disaster for the winger, all this under the eyes of Kawhi Leonard, present in the stands of the Staples Center, a choice that was already being talked about recently.

The star hasn’t changed her ways, but she mustn’t have appreciated her team’s defeat. Truth be told, even during a big run in the third quarter from his teammates, The Klaw was totally unmoved. Mike Breen, present at the comments, did not miss the opportunity to troll him a little.

The advantage is only 6 points, Kawhi Leonard is going completely crazy!

Total frustration for Kawhi Leonard, who does not yet know when he will return to the floors to help his team or not. Be careful, because the next defeat, it will be the door for Californians.


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