Kareem slams Anthony Edwards after shameful remarks

While observers expect to see it explode for its third season in the league, Anthony Edwards will first have to make people forget his sad homophobic slippage on social networks. It has just been destroyed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on this subject…

While the Euro has just ended, with an unfortunate defeat for the French team in the final against Spain, the NBA will be able to regain its rights with the start of training camps in the four corners of the league. The first days will be particularly watched in certain franchises, including the Lakers, who are once again at the heart of all discussions after the signing of Dennis Schroder.

Indeed, the German leader will bring an additional offensive quality to the profile of Patrick Beverley, he is already expected by LeBron Jamesbut no one yet knows the consequences of his arrival on the role of Russell Westbrook. The leader is a true legend, he was one of the only players still present last season, and yet he could find himself 3rd in the hierarchy on his position…

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar demands action from Anthony Edwards

In Minnesota, the arrival of Rudy Gobert is eagerly awaited, and the pivot could be even more upset following his poor performance in the EuroBasket final. It will take the return of the Frenchman to forget the big controversy created by Anthony Edwards on social networks, he who filmed uttering homophobic slurs. It has just been reframed firmly by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his official website:

It might be easy for us to blame it on Anthony Edwards’ immaturity, after all he’s only 21. The problem is, we’ve seen far too many celebrity athletes and owners make headlines for venting their racism, sexism, or homophobia. It is very damaging for sport in general, for the teams concerned, and it contributes to the cliché of the stupid, nasty athlete.

The most serious thing is that this attitude contributes to the perpetual stigmatization of a group, and this stigmatization leads to a restriction of rights for the group concerned and to violence. I don’t think even a sincere apology is enough. Edwards must repair his damage by working voluntarily in support groups for the LGBT community, especially aimed at young people. If he can’t do it, his apologies are worthless.

For Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it is impossible to forgive Anthony Edwards if he does not really involve himself within the LGBT community, in order to show that he wishes to make a difference in this world. His apologies may have been sincere, but they will obviously not be enough to erase the hurt felt by some young people on hearing his words. The ball is in the Wolves full-back’s court.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a great social activist, and he will not allow any form of discrimination to pass in the NBA. As the league comes under fire over the Robert Sarver case, he wants Anthony Edwards to set a good example.

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