Kamou Malo: the stallion par excellence

Kamou Malo

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Second at CAN 2013, third in 2017, Burkina Faso is gradually returning to the mainland scene. After missing the Egyptian appointment in 2019, he will open the party in Cameroon next year. Facing the host country, Kamou Malo will try to confirm all the good that African and Burkinabe football now thinks of him.

Kamou Malo, a Burkinabe football specialist

His designation was announced via a press release issued by the Burkinabé Football Federation. « After analyzing the situation », said the text dated July 23, 2019, « The FBF Executive Committee has taken the decision to trust national expertise to lead the national selection » by appointing Kamou Malo. “On July 1, 2019, the Burkinabè Football Federation (FBF) announced the non-renewal of the contract of the national stallion coach Paulo Duarte « , dismissed from his functions before July 31, 2019, date of the end of his contract. “The umbrella of national football presents all her congratulations, encouragement and best wishes to the new national coach”.

After the congratulations of the FBF, Kamou Malo will be officially presented on July 26, 2019 during a press conference. The opportunity for the general public to discover this true son of the land of upright men. A patriot who believes in the local forces of Burkina Faso:

«  I am one of those who have long said that Burkinabé football is full of talent, he said. To put a team in place, this is not where I am going to talk about my strategy but I am keen to prove that with the local, we can do good things (…) Even those who have the experience have had a first time. If for me must start now, why not, answer Kamou Malo. I am currently proud to lead this team because it is an honor that you cannot understand. We talked about the imperative of qualifying for an African Cup, so we are going to start on a solid basis, on what already exists ”.

Kamou Malo, from Ouagadougou in Burkina

Before being a coach, Kamou Malo was a footballer. Born in 1963 in the former Upper Volta, he will evolve as a midfielder under the colors of US Ouagadougou (1981-1986) and Étoile Filante de Ouagadougou (1986-1992).

Having become a technician, Kamou Malo will take up his first position in 2010 at RC Kadiogo. From the touch of RCK, he will leave in 2013 at AS SONABEL where he will spend two years and return to Kadiogo. A victorious comeback to the Rail Club which allows him to be crowned champion in 2016 and 2017 before signing to the Union Sportive des Forces Armées (USFA) in 2018. This is the last club he managed before to join the Faso National.

Kamou Malo and the Stallions

At the head of Burkina Faso for more than two years now, Kamou Malo has already impregnated his paw. The Stallions play well and even managed to take a point from the Algerian African champions in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Currently co-leader of their group with the Fennecs (10 Points), the men of Patrick Malo’s father can claim a place in the qualifying play-offs for Qatar. A position which clearly shows that the Burkinabé breeder has breathed new life into his equines. Foals that he intends to take to another level in Cameroon:

“It is a group a priori difficult, recalled the tactician, insofar as we play the opening match against the host country. Aside from that, there is a leveling of value in the pool. When we take Cape Verde and Ethiopia these last moments, we can say that it is an open group. Everyone will have to fight to take a qualifying ticket ”.

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