Kamara’s future linked to an agreement between Sevilla and Chelsea?

The summer transfer window is accelerating in Europe. In Marseille if Pol Lirola is expected, several departures should take place. Caleta Car is mentioned in Southampton, Bendetto should join Betis, Radonjic return to the Bundesliga… What about Kamara?

The midfielder trained as a central defender has a contract until 2022 with OM. While Milan and several English clubs have shown interest in him, no offer has convinced Longoria. But things could change, Sevilla FC would already contractually agree with Kamara and could make an offer to OM if Jules Koundé joins Chelsea. However, the sporting director of the Andalusian club, Monchi, asks for the amount of his release clause set at 80M €. A price that the English club does not seem ready to pay, Fabrizio Romano explains, however, that the two clubs are still discussing. However, if the negotiations fail, the Kamara file will not evolve …

On the set of DFM, our journalist Mourad Aerts had mentioned the contractual situation of the minot, which will be free in 2022.


“Boubacar Kamara is getting screwed a bit right now. That is to say that we say that he is ungrateful, that he is worth nothing without the club, that we do not need him. And then stop saying that he was good, average or more so in fact there is this little thing that is starting to grow because we are in a hype of new recruitments. We are very hyped by new players so we say to ourselves “Actually Kamara, we don’t care”. And on top of that we do not realize and we do not value enough that doing two seasons like Kamara did, in a position that is not his training in a very complicated context at the Olympic from Marseille, at 20, very few players have done so. But we on the other hand will ignite on other players. I really like Romain Perraud. But I’m not sure he would have succeeded at OM. Anyway he signed in England. I was for him to come. But on the other hand when someone is at OM, you have to understand how difficult it is to be a holder at OM. Kamara, he started and he was your best player. Yes the team was zero, but he was your best player.  » Mourad Aerts – Source: Marseille Foot Debate (08/01/2021)

On the Marseille Foot Debate set, our guest Stéphane Sparagna spoke on this subject. According to the former defender of Olympique de Marseille, Boubacar Kamara is right not to extend his contract to wait to leave free.


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“They are funny but they will not let him go to OM! Either you extend or you leave but why they do not accept the 12M €? It’s not a lot for Kamara but good. With the current market… There was COVID, lots of stuff. He was not in the French team too. Doesn’t that penalize him? Him, as a footballer, no! But OM as a market value, yes. He is a young player, many big European clubs are behind him. They will wait until it is at the end of the contract to take it free. For a player, it’s more interesting to go free. Financially, you have the signing bonus and the salary which is higher because there is no transfer unlike a purchase. Kamara, I understand he doesn’t want to extend. Of course, it does not please the supporters or the club but his personal interest is to go free. Or OM let it go at 12 / 15M €. Better to take that than nothing next season!  » Stephane Sparagna – Source: Football Club de Marseille (07/26/21)

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