Juventus: what a blow! The midfielder does not mince his words and attacks Allegri

The former Juventus midfielder talks about his past at Juventus and bluntly attacks the Tuscan coach: “This kind of football was not for me. Happy? With this team, they can do better. I haven’t spoken much with him. »

His experience at Juventus barely lasted six months. He arrived last January to lend a hand to Allegri’s midfield, who was also struggling at the time. He arrived from the German team of Borussia Monchen Gladbach and was received with some enthusiasm. A few appearances with overall positive performances (and a goal) and then a fairly serious injury, which actually kept him out most of the time.

Allegri Juventus (LaPresse)

By Dennis Zakaria at Juventus, traces of him mostly faded until a rumor of leaving emerged as early as this summer. This is how the Swiss player obviously left the technical project prematurely and moved to the town hall. chelseaon loan with right of redemption. A farewell without too many regrets, also because objectively the midfielder has played very little with the bianconeri shirt. We can speak of a spark that did not ignite, of a bye slipped away without a fuss. The Swiss, however, did not fail to reserve a few spades for his former team.

Zakaria criticizes the game of Juventus

From the retirement of his national team, Zakaria explained his move to Chelsea:  » Everything happened so fast – bed on Blick I didn’t know I was going to Chelsea, then I got the news. I didn’t even know if it was possible to do everything six hours before the end of the market”.. Obviously it is possible: The contracts weren’t signed yet but I had already packed my bags. I then passed the medical examinations directly in Turin, they went well and the green light for the signatures arrived. Liverpool? We talked about it, but the right team was Chelsea. I am happy, and I think I will be happier here than in Turin”.

Juventus, what a blow for the former midfielder: « Play low, she was not for me » (LaPresse)

And when he explained this phrase, he said: “This type of football was perhaps not suitable for me. The website Juventus played very low, I need space for my races. I think English football suits me better. ». And on the dispute Happy: “He’s a good person, I’m sure. But I spoke little with him, the team may not have played very well and that’s a shame. With this team, they can do much more.

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