Juventus, FC Barcelona: a future big revives the Messi war

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Cristiano Ronaldo fans are not going through the best of times. Since 2016, they could blithely laugh at Lionel Messi’s record with Argentina when their protégé had won the Euro with Portugal. But for two and a half weeks, La Pulga has added the South American equivalent of the European Championship to his business card and he is now on a par with his great rival at this level.

Remain, to decide between them, the opinions of the players, undoubtedly the best placed to settle this old debate: which is stronger? This Thursday, Manchester United winger Mason Greenwood was asked about the subject and his response was very clear: “For me, it has always been Messi. He comes from another planet. Ronaldo is obviously amazing, physically, he’s a great athlete. But what Messi does, with his size, for Barcelona and Argentina, is on another level ”. Not from the same planet, Messi and Ronaldo?

For Greenwood (MU), Messi and CR7 do not play in the same court

Young Manchester United winger Mason Greenwood has been asked to nominate his favorite player. Without hesitation, he replied Lionel Messi, believing that the Argentine is vastly superior to all the other players, Cristiano Ronaldo included.

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