Juventus continues but loses Dybala to injury

After a catastrophic start to the season, Juventus is relaunching. Against Sampdoria this Sunday, the Bianconeris won 3-2 at the Allianz Stadium.

Paulo Dybala had put Massimiliano Allegri’s charges into orbit in the 10th minute, before coming out injured and in tears, a few minutes later.

On penalty, Captain Bonucci doubled the bet. Shortly before the break, Yoshida reduced the mark for Sampdoria.

Motivated by the idea of ​​a second consecutive success in the league, Juve will push and widen the gap through Locatelli on the hour mark.

At the end of the meeting, Candreva will give hope to Sampdoria but it will not be enough to reverse the trend.

Thanks to this victory, Juve enters the top 10 and ranks 9th. Sampdoria is in 14th place. Relegated after the first four days, the “Old Lady” can congratulate herself on having found results this week more in line with her standing, after her success on Wednesday at La Spezia (3-2). Even if it has not yet regained the solidity and efficiency that were its hallmark during the first stint at the club of coach Massimiliano Allegri (2014-2019).

Dybala, sparkling until his direct exit to the locker room three days before Chelsea’s reception in the Champions League, presumably for a muscle injury, put Juve into orbit by opening the scoring with a nice strike from the left (10th).

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