Justin Bieber has been blacklisted by Ferrari

Justin Bieber has just been blacklisted by Ferrari. He will no longer be able to buy a prancing horse car. The reason? He decided to repaint his 458 Italia F1 model in electric blue. An affront to the brand which has very specific rules to respect regarding the aesthetics of its cars. Indeed, in Ferrari’s ethics clause, owners are not allowed to modify the vehicle. He also had black non-Ferrari rims fitted and posted the result on Instagram in 2016. Finally, he sold this car at auction in 2017.

This is not the first time that the Italian brand has not felt respected by the man who left his wife alone at the Met Gala. When he bought his racing car, he managed to lose it for two weeks. Indeed, after having parked it, the artist no longer remembered where he had left it. A member of his staff eventually tracked him down, and Justin Bieber humorously shared the story on social media.

But the interpreter of « Sorry » is not the first star to be blacklisted by Ferrari. This is the case of rapper 50 Cent who openly criticized the brand. While the boxer Floyd Mayweather had bought a model solely for the purpose of advertising on social networks. How money can’t buy everything…

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