« Just the refusal of discrimination »

In a long interview with « L’Express », the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy takes a hard look at the debates that are agitating France.

POLITICS – “Like yesterday the betrayal of clerics, we are now witnessing the betrayal of Republicans who have not kept anti-racism at the heart of their software”. In a long interview given to The Express this Friday, November 19, Rama Yade takes a hard and relentless look at the debates that divide society, in a context where “wokism” is raised as a threat within the government.

The former Minister of Sports, now an expatriate in the United States, says she does not understand the outcry provoked in France by the struggles against discrimination. « I do not share at all these fears, these tensions in front of what has been called the woke movement or the cancel culture », she affirms, contrary to the speeches that one often hears within the right, his old political family.

Wokism has been abused as a tool of censorship. In reality, it is just the refusal of discrimination.Rama yade

“Wokism has been abused as a tool of censorship. In reality, it is just the refusal of discrimination. It is still not shameful to fight inequalities! Whatever name you give it, it is a noble fight, for justice and for the demand for equality that the homeland of human rights should be proud of ”, continues Rama Yade, explaining that they are French intellectuals, such as Jacques Lacan or Michel Foucault who “inspired the woke movement” in the United States.

White privilege, facial checks, police violence, denial linked to the history of slavery, intersectionality … The former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights reviews all the subjects which make the opponents of “wokism” leap in France, Jean-Michel Blanquer in the lead.

“France has rewritten its past to deny what it has been. Racism in France was not imported from the United States, it is a legacy of its own history. By denying the obvious, we refuse to see and therefore to solve the problems. Negation leads to proposing only repression as a response. Here, a parliamentary inquiry on ‘the excesses in the universities’, there we denounce the breaking of the Republic in two. But we will have to look ourselves in the face and ask ourselves why we have come to this ”, affirms Rama Yade, who pleads for the introduction of“ Black studies ”at the university,“ so that our intellectuals, professors, researchers can develop a very French reflection on these themes ”.

“I was a unicorn”

Considering that white privilege exists, Rama Yade uses his experience in government to demonstrate it. “I was a unicorn! I was an anomaly, not a prototype at all. How many since? And discrimination, has it disappeared? As soon as I walked through the door, it was closed behind me. Some thought it was good, we have Rama, the problem is solved. It has remained whole, bigger than ever ”, decrypts the one who now serves as Africa director of the Atlantic Council, an American think-tank specializing in international relations. “I am obliged to note that since my departure from government, Afro-descendants do not run governments,” she euphemistically.

Asked about the activists who debunk the statutes honoring slave personalities, Rama Yade also delivers an astonishing analysis for a personality from the right. “Passing through Paris in front of the figure of Colbert, this great enemy of freedom, whose statue is in front of the National Assembly, is one of those micro-aggressions I was talking about. Not only vis-à-vis me but also vis-à-vis France and humanity ”, she poses straight away, calling to stop celebrating these characters“ in the streets, the metro and the palaces of the Republic ”.

And to add: “Those who debunked these statues did not cancel culture, on the contrary: they rehabilitated the history, the totality of the history which they know well, them, at least, that which the selective memory of some of our leaders wanted to conceal. In fact, it is they who made the cancel culture by preventing the French and the Europeans from knowing the history of these so-called heroes ”.

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