Just separated from Devin Booker, the ultra hot photo of Kendall Jenner!

Phoenix Suns NBA star Devin Booker has received a formal ban from his famous girlfriend, Kendall Jenner

NBA (DR) / @kendalljenner

After two years of romantic relationship, Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner have recently decided to end their romance. Already coveted by a few other NBA players, the young model ignited the web with a hot shot that quickly went viral!

After a first appearance in the NBA Finals last year, he of course hoped to do even better this season, and this time to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. Eventually, Devin Booker didn’t even reach the Western Conference Finals, being defeated along with his teammates by the Mavericks. Enough to spend a difficult start to the summer on a sporting level… but not only.

In recent months, the star rear of the Suns could always be satisfied with his fulfillment in his personal life, and especially sentimental, when things did not go his way on the ground. However, he can no longer even rely on it, following his breakup with Kendall Jenner after two years of relationship. And even if the agreement remains in place between the two formerthe young woman was quick to take advantage of her celibacy.

Kendall Jenner appears completely naked on Instagram

Accustomed to separations with NBA players, Kendall could quickly present herself again on the market, and try to seduce another star of the league. A renowned suitor would already be knocking at his door. But while waiting to land again, the most famous supermodel on the planet has decided to celebrate her « freedom » with an Instagram post where she appears… totally naked!

Of course, the publication was quick to find success on the platform, with more than 8 million likes collected in just 24 hours. Internet users, for their part, quickly compared the first photo of this jumble to his recent change in romantic situation, with a little thought for D-Book!

@sofiaaldanac: Or how to say that you are single

@bribri_mac: Single Kendall doesn’t care anymore

@jeenyash: We love these post-breakup posts

@tay1orwolf: Single and ready to get back to business

@mattslifetba: Someone needs to tell Dev to stay strong

As soon as her love affair with Devin Booker ended, Kendall Jenner set Instagram on fire with an ultra-revealing photo. If the intention was to make the Phoenix star regret, the method is radical!

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