“Just put Shaq and Michael Jordan with me, and we go 82-0”


A season without ever losing, is it possible? In fact, and according to the most elementary logic, no. But one superstar in NBA circles thinks accomplishment is possible… if only you have Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal as teammates. Nothing more.

More and more often, Internet users are asking themselves a seemingly crazy question: “Which fantasy team could sign an 82-0 record in an NBA regular season? « . There are frequent debates on this subject, and many are those who propose a very specific major 5, believing that no team would be able to rob him of the slightest match. For example, a lineup of Magic Johnson, Michael JordanLeBron James, Tim Duncan and Wilt Chamberlain is often mentioned.

Allen Iverson’s view of things is different. A competitor at heart, the legendary leader of Philadelphia complicates the task a little more by naming only 2 teammates at his side to achieve 82 victories. And as you can imagine, he didn’t choose the worst…

Allen Iverson drops his line to make it 82-0

Just give me Mike and Shaq. We would do 82-0 even with you (the journalist, editor’s note) by my side in the backcourt.

This has the merit of being clear… and leaving the fans dreaming! On paper, this trio indeed seems to be of great complementarity, with a monster inside, and two exceptional players in different registers on the outside.

The dribbling, speed and penetration of Allen Iverson are well established, while his defensive weaknesses would be overcome by Michael Jordan, himself lethal in attack in a more calm and varied register. In short: a pure nightmare for opposing defenses.

Respect is in any case mutual between Iverson and O’Neal. A few months ago, Shaq admitted that he sometimes let the point guard score on purpose, out of respect and admiration for his style of play. The Big Cactus also had these very complimentary words about the Sixers legend on the sidelines of the development of its top 5 all-time:

I have to take Allen Iverson in my top 5. Why? Because he had no fear, zero fear. My thing was: “Every little exterior that comes from my painting, I’m going to give it a shot. And he, with Gary Payton, was the only one to come back again and again.

Allen Iverson does not need 4 teammates to attack the mythical goal of the season 82-0: Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal are enough for him. And we must admit that we would have loved to see that, especially since the three men had a short period of their respective bonuses on the floors at the same time, at the end of the 1990s…


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