Just before the resumption, the Nets sign a new reinforcement!

As often in recent years, the Nets have been hit by a wound important in the workforce, just a few days before the start of the season. In an emergency, the leaders tried to find an emergency solution, and they have just hired reinforcements.

Can the Nets be trusted this season? On paper, the team is particularly strong, with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, of course, with the return of a Ben Simmons more motivated than ever, with exceptional triggers like Seth Curry and Joe Harris, an interior defender as strong as Nicolas Claxton… The first training sessions are rather encouraging:

The Nets sign an emergency winger!

The problem is that the franchise has been hit by a terrible curse in recent years, with injuries always coming at the worst times, unexpected tension in the locker room, or another unlikely glitch like Uncle Drew’s non-vaccination. . The Nets come for example from losing a star summer recruitand to compensate for this terrible news, the leaders hastened to sign a reinforcement:

The Nets signed winger Kaiser Gates

Passed by the Celtics in particular, Kaiser Gates does not necessarily arrive to find a place in the workforce for the regular season, but above all to make the number and allow the stars to train against specific profiles. The leaders know him well, since he played a few games with the G League team of the Nets and participated in the Summer League.

What is surprising, however, is that even in this emergency situation with the long unavailability of TJ Warren, Sean Marks has still not decided to sign Carmelo Anthony, a free agent and interested in a possible adventure in Brooklyn. . As the start of the season approaches, the former Lakers may have to make up his mind, he is no longer very desired in the NBA…

Kaiser Gates is not necessarily a name to remember, he should not make a place in the rotation for the regular season, less of a huge explosion on the preseason. He will still have to contribute to training, by putting his teammates in the best conditions to work.

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