Jürgen Klopp on his way to making Liverpool history a bit more

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Opposed to Villarreal on Tuesday in the semi-final return of the Champions League, the Reds are on a very favorable waiver after their final victory in the first leg at Anfield. In the event of qualification, Jürgen Klopp, the adored coach of Liverpool, will play his 3rd C1 final since his arrival at the club in 2015. He will even have a chance of signing a historic quadruple.

Kloppmania is more than ever at its zenith in Liverpool, as the Reds are on their way to qualifying for the Champions League final, for the third time since the arrival of their German coach in 2015. To do this, the Jürgen Klopp’s men will have to keep in Villarreal, Tuesday, May 3, in the C1 semi-final return, their score lead acquired at Anfield, in a one-way match (2-0).

Liverpool, currently one of the best European teams according to observers, has ample means to thwart a possible « rebound » from the Spaniards, who fell in the previous rounds of Bayern Munich and Juventus Turin.

In search of a historic quadruple

A qualification for the C1 final, the tenth in the history of the Reds, is vital to maintain the crazy dream of Jürgen Klopp – to win the Championship of England, the two national cups and the Champions League in the same year. A quadruple that no English club has ever achieved, while Liverpool, second one point behind Manchester City in the Premier League, already won the League Cup against Chelsea at the end of February. She will also find these same Blues in the FA Cup final in mid-May.

A Liverpool fan walks past a portrait of Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp in the garden of a house near Anfield on April 24, 2022.
A Liverpool fan walks past a portrait of Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp in the garden of a house near Anfield on April 24, 2022. © Paul Ellis, AFP

In October 2015, when Jürgen Klopp joined Liverpool, fans may not have imagined that the 54-year-old German technician would mark the history of their club to such an extent. At the time, the Reds hadn’t won a league since 1990 and stood at a dismal 10and square. The coach had almost arrived on tiptoe:

« I’m a normal guy from the Black Forest. If you have to give me a name, call me the Normal One », he said when he signed, referring to the « Special One ». Jose Mourinho.

Seven years later, he seems more out of the ordinary than normal. He is today, with Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah, the other star of the Reds. In the shop of the Mersey club, his legendary caps and « Normal One » mugs with his effigy are enthroned near the jerseys of his players. On the club’s Twitter account, photos and videos showing his fantastic goal celebrations coexist with those of his players, while the account banner is in its image with an explicit message : « I’m so happy that Jürgen is a Red ».

Already the longest-lived coach in the Premier League, Jügen Klopp has just extended his contract for two years, which ran until 2024, i.e. until June 2026. The announcement came the day after the brilliant victory of his players against Villarreal.

A winning approach to football

Far from being afraid of making the season too many, Jürgen Klopp still seems to have ambition. « There is still a lot of freshness in the club and that gives me energy. There are so many words I could use to describe how I feel about this news. I am delighted, blessed, privileged and excited », he said on this occasion.

This extension is a just reward for the work done over the years by the charismatic Jürgen Klopp who has offered, since his arrival, five major titles including the long-awaited Premier League in 2020, the Champions League in 2019, after a final lost in 2018, the European Super Cup and a Club World Cup (2019).

Ambitious and enthusiastic, the former Borussia Dortmund coach revived the club thanks to his winning approach to the game with a generous attacking philosophy based on counter-pressing and intensity. Passionate and energetic, he has recruited players who share his thirst for victory, like the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson and the Dutch rock Virgil van Dijk, who have become pillars of his squad.

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It was under his benevolent orders that the nuggets of African football Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah, recruited by him, definitely took off towards the heights of world football and helped to put the club back among the greats of Europe.

It is not long before Jürgen Klopp has a statue erected in his honor at Anfield, as is the custom around some English stadiums. A quadruple, perhaps?

« We really want to get there now, » said the coach on Saturday. « We can’t wait 10 years to create memories. We have to do it now (…) We don’t know if we’ll win anything, but right now we’re trying to get the most out of it. this season, » he said.

If they eliminate Villarreal on Tuesday in C1, the Reds will only have 8 games left to win, hoping for a misstep from City in the league, to make history for good. And Jürgen Klopp, with them.

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