Juninho considers OL’s start to the season too « irregular »

Corrected in Rennes (4-1) before the international break, Olympique Lyonnais is currently in 7th place in the championship. An insufficient start to the season for Rhone sporting director Juninho.

Before the clash of the Olympics against Marseille on Sunday (8:45 p.m.), Juninho spoke about RMC this Wednesday in an interview for the show « Rothen ignites« . The sports director of Olympique Lyonnais spoke of the mixed start of his team, under the aegis of Peter Bosz:

“I think our start to the season is irregular. We manage to have significant offensive power, we have a team that is very comfortable with the ball, with a lot of movement, an important technical quality and players capable of making a difference. But at the same time, we have a team that has taken 21 goals and that lacks a bit of defensive balance. If we had that balance, I think we wouldn’t be in seventh place“, Admitted the Brazilian.

Despite good things seen in the game, the former glory of OL is clearly not satisfied: « Of course that’s not enough, we’re seventh. But five points from the second. You should not think that you are in a very complicated situation either, even if of course you have to find the balance as quickly as possible.« , He explained.

The ex-player of Vasco de Gama still maintains his support for his coach: « He likes to play offensive, aggressively, he also tries to change our mentality a little, especially when the ball is lost. He needs time, but when you’re seventh it’s normal to have a little pressure. There are the supporters, the press. The opponents also benefit because they feel that we are an irregular team. But I think Peter is the perfect person to change that. It only takes a little while and I hope it will succeed.« 

An irregularity which can also be explained by the behavior of certain players according to Juninho: « I don’t name names but that’s how I feel when I see certain games, there is a little more selfishness and maybe that prevents us from passing a certain level.», Railed the sports director of OL.

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