Julien Pulvé presents five of his students for the 2021 Mini-Transat

While the start of the race will be given on Sunday September 26, 2021, from Les Sables-d’Olonne and towards Fort-de-France, the coach of the Mini pole of La Rochelle talks about some of his sailors

Quentin Riché

“Quentin has an intermediate boat, he remains on good results and is one of the favorites, a bit like Romain (Le Gall), for a possible victory in the Mini-Transat. In any case, he came for that and did everything for it, he is very present in training. « 

Helene Clouet

“An adopted Rochelaise. Which incidentally, a little wink, is supported by a bar from La Rochelle, the Merluberlu. Hélène has a boat that is less competitive than others, quite simply for budget reasons, but in her category of somewhat old school sharp boats, she can do a great thing. She goes there to cross but also to try to make the sharp boats shine. « 

Benjamin Dean

“Benjamin has the number 618, in the prototype category. It is a rather old prototype but which still has great potential given the course of the Mini-Transat, due to its forms and its architecture. He trained over two years, had a job next door, is from Bordeaux, and managed to do the right thing, to find partners. « 

Alberto Riva and Federico Waksman

“Recently, it’s pretty funny, we did in the multicultural. We welcomed Alberto Riva to the Mini pole in La Rochelle, an Italian who won two or three races this season and with whom things are going really well. He has a very recent boat, the “Vector”. And we have a Uruguayan, Federico Waksman. I manage in Spanish but we speak a lot of English. « Fede » has talent, like Alberto, by the way. But I would say that Alberto has a different profile, he’s an engineer, while Federico is a little more an artist, a little more nomadic, an adventurer. They both arrived during the year to prepare, because they did not have a training center and were doing a little on their own. These are two people that we could quite see on the podium. « 

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