Jude Bellingham on the hunt for a heartbroken England fan who wanted his shirt, after the Borussua Dortmund star ignored the sign and threw away a shirt worn by Birmingham supporters instead

England midfielder Jude Bellingham is on the hunt for the Three Lions fan whom he accidentally ignored and likely left his heart broken in San Marino on Monday night.

The youngster from Borussia Dortmund somehow didn’t see the big enough sign of the traveling Three Lions fan asking for his match jersey – how, you should ask him!


Bellingham broke the heart of a young England fan who was desperate for his shirt after the 10-0 win over San Marino

England's final World Cup qualifier marked Bellingham's 10th selection for England


England’s final World Cup qualifier marked Bellingham’s 10th cap for England

To make matters even more embarrassing, the Bundesliga star instead gave his jersey to a group of fans holding a Birmingham City childhood club flag, sitting just four seats away from the hopeful jersey wearer.

The post-match moment – following England’s huge 10-0 win to seal their place in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – was caught on camera and quickly went viral, prompting Bellingham to take to Twitter.

The England international posted: “Sorry, I was too focused on the Blue Flag. Can we find him so I can sort my @BVB from this coming weekend for him? « 

Bellingham of course has an affinity for the Birmingham faithful, so giving his shirt to a Blues fan on the go comes as no surprise. After all, they took off their number 22 jersey for him.

However, the boy probably felt that his bubble writing and enlarged photo of Jude should at least have deserved the 18-year-old’s attention …

Fans creating signs asking players for their jerseys are nothing new, but there has been a huge increase in the number of adults doing so rather than children, sparking controversy among fans.

Even young supporters who usually ask for jerseys have recently taken it to another level.

A young Spurs fan raced onto the pitch after Tottenham’s Europa conference victory over Vitesse Arnhem earlier this season, having been saved from chasing stewards by keeper Hugo Lloris. The No.1 then handed his match-worn shirt to the crying kid, also followed by star man Harry Kane.

His father then took to Twitter to explain how the club confiscated the jerseys after the match, with father and son being forced to stay in the stadium to explain their actions to officials.

They were also not alone with a young Irish fan who raced onto the pitch following this week’s World Cup qualifier against Portugal. Of course, the girl was on the hunt for Ronaldo’s jersey, which the Manchester United superstar duly handed over, accompanied by a hug.

It’s unclear exactly how old the rejected Monday Night fan is, of course, but knowing Twitter’s football-digging skills, it won’t be long before Bellingham finds out who he is.

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