JR Smith feels ‘boycotted’ by NBA franchises

J.R. Smith had a great career in the NBA. He could probably have become an even stronger or more consistent player, because he is really talented, but he was able to adapt and impose himself in his role to win a superb championship title with the Cleveland Cavaliers ( and another with the Los Angeles Lakers). Now, he still has the memories and the beautiful anecdotes to share. Even if he would probably like to try the ball a little more in the pros, just to take advantage of another check.

He has not walked on a floor since the coronation in the bubble in 2020. But if we trust his words, we understand that this early retirement is not entirely within his province.

“Yes, 100%,” he replies when a journalist from Complex asks him if he feels he is being boycotted by the franchises. “Anyone can tell you that, it’s a fact. Take the 30 teams in the league and remove their top three players from each. There are players 4 to 15 left. Among all these guys, name only one of them who is stronger than me. »

“I trained with these guys. I saw their GM come to me and ask me why I wasn’t playing anymore. They know very well why. I have the impression that it is a phenomenon that also strikes Joe Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Nick Young, Jamal Crawford. These guys still have the level. »

Except that it’s not just a question of level. And it is logical that it escapes JR Smith, since, inevitably, it is difficult for him to be neutral on this question. Talent is everywhere. Nick Young, Jamal Crawford or isaiah thomas are able to score in the NBA. But at what cost in defense?

Then even, it’s even simpler than that. Between the possibility of signing a youngster without a club and a 37-38-year-old veteran with his injury worries – at least for some of the players mentioned – the franchises quickly make their choice. This is not a league-wide conspiracy. Just some logic.

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