JR Smith attacked in the middle of the tournament, the doctors intervene!


JR Smith has finally started his NCAA season in taking goes to his first golf tournament. Unfortunately for him, this first was particularly complicated in sport, but also outside, since he was attacked in the middle of the tournament.

It was an announcement that made some laugh, but JR Smith did indeed make his debut on the benches of the university. In addition to starting his studies, he who had joined the NBA directly out of high school, the former champion also decided to get into golf. He has just played his first official tournament with North Carolina A&T.

JR Smith attacked in the middle of a tournament

Followed by numerous cameras, JR Smith was quite good at starting this competition before totally losing control… and it is not necessarily his fault. Indeed, while moving between two holes, the former back of the Cavaliers had the misfortune to walk on a swarm of wasps, which earned him many bites, especially in the legs.

JR Smith was attacked by wasps during his first golf tournament. He must have received help from the doctors but was able to finish the day.

If JR Smith expected a party of fun on the green, it was quickly brought back to reality by Mother Nature! Unfortunately, he could not get up to the level of the best with these numerous bites… Following the first day of competition, he was even dead last with 12 strokes over par, a fairly mediocre score at this level. He notably made four double-bogeys on the first 18 holes, which explains this terrible position.

And he was not necessarily able to correct his shot the next day by finishing 9 shots above the par, or 30 shots behind the leader of the tournament in all! His coach wanted to remind you after the fact that playing for money or a trophy is very different from a friendly game. JR Smith is unfortunately finding out. Hopefully for him that he will be able to adapt quickly.

JR Smith still has a way to go to level up with the best NCAA players. And if nature is also against him, the season may be difficult …


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