Journalist tackles Kyrie Irving hard with his demeanor!


In the turmoil for a few days, Kyrie Irving has drawn criticism in relation to the vaccine. If the player can still change his mind, the person concerned was in any case called to order by a journalist. The latter highlights a fact: who wants the leader today?

In just a few days, the Nets will be able to enjoy their Big 3. The latter had a lot of problems last year, all because of injuries. But for this new season, after a restful summer, the medical staff hope to be a little quieter. It is also the hope of the franchise, which dreams of winning the title after a failure against the Bucks.

It is obviously playable, but the questions exist. Kevin Durant is doing well and so much the better, just like James Harden. This last appeared in good shape in training, already ready to do battle. But for Irving on the other hand, doubts remain because of the vaccine. Right now, he’s just missing half the season.

If we add to that the crazy rumor circulating about him and his conspiracy theory, it’s safe to say that Uncle Drew hasn’t made only friends in recent weeks. His behavior annoys more and more people, explains journalist Chris Mannix.

The one who works at Sports Illustrated drew up a rather damning report on the leader of the Nets, even estimating that no one really wants to get him back in trade today:

The Nets are a bit stuck here. Even if they wanted to, they can’t trade Kyrie Irving. I’ve asked multiple teams, and its current value is virtually zero.

However, Irving remains a talented player and able to do some miracles in the lead. But as you can imagine, some teams don’t like his behavior and prefer to avoid problems, in addition to injuries:

It hits 35 million a year, and it’s so unpredictable. Who wants to get such a player back?

There are definitely teams out there that want Kyrie Irving back, but you can’t say that the interest is as great as it was a year or two ago. The leader does not reassure with his level, and the injuries are always fairly regular for him. This campaign will be very important for former Celtic.


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