Journalist reveals KD’s outsized goal to Nets, reacts mercilessly

Arrived in Brooklyn in 2019, Kevin Durant would have monster ambitions there. It is in any case what affirmed in a very precise way a famous insider… before the star of the Nets does not take it back on Twitter.

By deciding to leave his comfort zone of Golden State, Kevin Durant knew he was taking a certain risk. By joining Brooklyn, and teaming up with Kyrie Irving and James harden, this risk has narrowed, however. With such an armada at his side, the double MVP of the Finals had a good chance of quickly regaining a title.

However, fate decided otherwise, since it in turn deprived it of its two star companions during the 2021 playoffs. Result, the Nets did not go beyond the second round, completed by the Bucks in a epic match 7. And according to Jackie MacMullan in the Bill Simmons Podcast, this disillusion should not do the business of the Slim Reaper, and his mind-boggling goal.

Based on my conversations with him, I think his real goal is to win 3 titles in Brooklyn. He wants to make it his place, his team, his heritage.

At almost 33 years of age, KD’s shooting window is shrinking sharply. The fact that he does not lift the Larry O’Brien trophy, therefore, implies that he will have to do so over the next 3 seasons, that is to say until almost 36 years old, to honor his personal bet. At least, its supposed bet, since the main interested party has not at all validated the comments of the journalist on his Twitter account.

Again, I don’t even speak like that… On top of that, I’m not close enough to Jackie to have deep conversations about my goals as a basketball player. I’m aware that she’s in an opinion-based environment, but she shot it like we’re friends. We are not …

After a first episode like this a few days agoDurantula seems particularly annoyed to see media figures speaking on his behalf. So he cut the rumor short, saying he had never said anything like that to MacMullan. All this, while not forgetting to bring out its wild side with another member of the US press.

Reid Laymance: Those of us lucky enough to be able to think of Jackie as a friend rejoice. You should try.

Kevin Durant: Congratulations old man. Enjoy.

As on the floors, Kevin Durant rarely misses his target on the networks. This time, it’s Jackie MacMullan and his supporters who paid the price for his strong character.

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