Josip Iličić’s moving farewell to Bergamo / Italy / Atalanta /

It’s not just football in life.

Josip Iličić said goodbye to Bergamo and his Atalanta. In the grip of a depression, which had notably prevented him from going to the end of his season, last year, the Slovenian indeed had the right to a guard of honor from his teammates. Moved to tears, the 34-year-old striker has indeed put an end to his beautiful story with the Deaconscious of no longer being able to give the best of himself.

For five seasons, Iličić will have experienced the best hours of the blue and black club, playing 207 games (73 goals and 45 assists) and chaining three consecutive campaigns in the Champions League, from 2019 to 2022.

After so many services rendered, it is legitimately so much to rest.

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