Josh Hart drops a unique stat line in history, his hilarious reaction!

Arrived at the Blazers before the deadline, Josh Hart seems to be acclimating well to Oregon. He notably signed a personal best against the Wizards, as well as a statistical line never seen in the NBA! And his reaction to that is well worth watching.

With only half a victory behind in the places for the Play-In, Portland (26-40, 11ᵉ) still has a chance to believe in the playoffs. For that, however, you have to win as many matches as possible, which was mission accomplished against Washington (127-118). Chauncey Billups’ men shone offensively with more than 51% shooting success. It must be said that with a Josh Hart author of 44 units alone, it was immediately easier… especially since he also allowed himself to write the history of the orange ball!

Josh Hart is the first player in NBA history to have 40+ points, 6+ rebounds, 6+ assists, 6+ three-pointers, 4 or more steals and 70% shooting… in a single game.

Josh Hart on fire against the Wizards

This is a performance like you don’t see every day, and it’s definitely an evening to mark a milestone for the former Pelican. Transferred to the Blazers as part of the deal around CJ McCollum, Hart holds Rip City and takes the opportunity to show some great things. Unsurprisingly, the person concerned was entitled to a host of questions about his historic outing. Once informed about it, he dropped a statement that is worth seeing:

We read this tweet to Hart. His response: “Damn, they pull this stuff straight out of their ass. I hope no one ever does it again, so I’ll be the only one. I’ll put that on a map. »

Enough to make everyone smile, the guard taking it very lightly. Jokes aside, this kind of match is ideal for someone who made his debut at the Lakers and who wants to settle permanently in a franchise. 3&D at the start of his career, he lost his address by far, but shows in 2021-22 that he has everything the player who starts the matches, a great progress. Once Damian Lillard returns, chances are they will form Portland’s starting backcourt.

No wonder Josh Hart had such a reaction, with advanced stats compiling some pretty WTF results these days. In any case, this does not change anything about his huge outing against Washington!

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