Jose Ramirez and the Guardians agree on the long term

We knew that for a few weeks, the Cleveland Guardians had been exploring all the options concerning Jose Ramirez: keeping him, trading him (especially to Toronto), extending his contract, etc.

And finally, according to Jeff Passan, the player and the organization found long-term common ground on the basis of a five-year contract.

Because the third baseman already had $26 million guaranteed for the next two years and he just added $124 million to his five-year contract, so we understand that he will win, over the next seven seasons. , $150 million. It all adds up.

He will also be entitled to a full no-trade clause. And since he wants to finish his career in Cleveland, that will put an end to trade rumors. Because yes, the rumors yesterday sending him to San Diego, for example, were well and truly founded.

If the club can keep its pitchers, it will have a base to build on for the next few years. In such a weak division, that’s a good thing.

With their new name, the Guardians wanted to keep Ramirez in particular to have « Guardians » jerseys for sale with a star. That’s done.

The Cleveland organization had never given such a big contract. The record belonged to Edwin Encarnacion, $60 million guaranteed over three years.

Kudos to the Guardians.

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