José Gaudet | « I like to provide a small dose of happiness to people »

Two years after leaving Énergie, José Gaudet is back behind the microphone, this time to Rythme FM. Anyone who dreams of doing stand-up again and who has just bought a hairdressing salon will co-host the Coming Home show with Sébastien Benoit and Isabelle Racicot.

Maude Goyer
Special collaboration

What is the intention behind the show It’s 4h somewhere co-hosted by this new trio?

There are three things I want to convey on the radio: distract people, teach them things and move them. That’s what really matters, basically, and it’s this formula that I like. Also, we want to involve the public and deliver content, until the end of the show, which is at 6.30 p.m. I like that we can move from one more serious subject to another, which will help us make you laugh to tears! Of course, I want to make people laugh, the clown is never far away… I like to provide people with a small dose of happiness. It’s my engine.

You have more than 20 years of radio experience and you have always occupied the same niche, that of the Coming Home Show. Is it a coincidence?

It wasn’t necessarily intended, but I think it’s the niche that suits my personality the best. We all have long days, we run from side to side. I like to catch people in that moment, put a smile on their face before they go to their second shift, give them a boost and change their mood. And I like to arrive home around 7:15 p.m., just in time for dinner with my two children.


The co-hosts of the return home show at Rythme FM: Isabelle Racicot and José Gaudet

In addition to the daily radio and the weekly co-hosting of It ends well the week at TVA, do you have other projects this fall?

This will be my ninth season with Julie Bélanger at It ends well the week, and we are very excited, because it is the return of the public in the room. This will be done in a cabaret formula, with about twenty people, by bubbles. I never wanted to hang on to showbusiness and have only that… I think myself lucky, at 50 years old, it’s going really well, but people can get tired of seeing my face. So I was looking for what else I could do, maybe have a small business. And I fell in love with the hairdressing salon I frequent in La Prairie: I bought it with my brother and my sister last spring! The place does not ring, it is a beautiful building, on a beautiful street corner … We have 34 employees. He is our family baby and I find it very stimulating. I like that, being in the action.

So it’s a dream come true …

My real dream is to come back to the stage. I’m running out of time to write these days, but I’d love to run a good one-and-a-half-hour show for two or three weeks, here and there throughout the year, sporadically, in front of small venues. 400 or 500 people. I don’t want to tour 250 shows over three years, that’s not what I’m looking for. I am thinking rather of a special meeting with my audience. It would be more of an affair of the heart than a lucrative operation. It would be just for fun… and I think it would be the best gift I could give myself, as an artist.

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