Jose Alvarado reveals the origin of the « Sneak Attack »

In a few years, we may call this gesture an “Alvarado”. For the moment, this vice move popularized by Jose Alvarado, consisting of surprising the carrier from behind when the ball comes up, has been called “Sneak Attack”. In JJ Redick’s podcast, the Pelicans point guard returned to the origins of this gesture which dates back to his time in AAU. The least we can say is that his method has not always been unanimous!

« I started doing that in AAU, and my coach at the time, who was very cool with me, like a big brother, said to me, ‘Okay for me, but it better work’. I felt like it was something I could do. But then everywhere I played, in high school or college, all the coaches just told me to stop doing it. ‘Do not do it. I don’t care if it can work once or twice, don’t. You have to come back in defence. And… I didn’t listen to them. I told myself that I was going to continue, and that if I succeeded, they could not tell me anything. It’s like a bad shot. If you take it and put it on, we can’t tell you anything. So when I do, I have to steal the ball. When it doesn’t work, I have to go straight into defense. ».

Encouraged by Willie Green

With his rough pressure, Jose Alvarado has also distinguished himself with the Pelicans this season by his strong character which allowed him to find a place in Willie Green’s rotation and land a real contract.

He therefore clung to his idea, keeping in mind the main idea of ​​hindering the opposing ball’s comeback, also confident that Willie Green was acting as an exception since he never dissuaded him on this point.

“Coach Willie never told me anything about that. In fact, he even encouraged me. They liked it, because I know when I can do it and when I can’t. »he added.

By doing so, the Pelicans strategist has strengthened the confidence of his protege, who notably offered himself a month of March with 2 interceptions per game (the average of the best interceptors in the league over an entire regular season), including a tip six interceptions (his record) against the Rockets.

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