Jorginho owes his football success to his mother

Jorginho owes his football success to his mother

Today an Italian international, it is however in his country of origin Brazil that Jorginho learned to play football with his mother. Before playing for the English Chelsea, he founded his football bases on the beaches of Imbituba in Brazil thanks to his mother.

At the end of last season, under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel, Jorginho helped Chelsea win a second UEFA Champions League against Manchester City along with their other teammates. A few weeks later, he will also be one of the heroes of Euro 2020 by contributing to the success of Italy. Logically, he was elected UEFA player, ahead of his club teammate N’Golo Kanté and Belgian Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne. An individual title that crowns a journey that began far from Europe on the beaches of Brazil.

The Brazilian-born midfielder first learned to play football on the beach from his mother, before coming to Italy where he cut his teeth in several clubs including SSC Napoli. He forged his foundations alongside his mother, who also plays football. In 2013, he revealed that he had learned a lot from his mother.

“She still plays today and understands a lot. She would take me to the beach with a ball and I would spend the whole afternoon doing technical work in the sand.  » did he declare.

The course of the footballer is strewn with pitfalls, but richly informed since his mother Maria Tereza Freitas, wanted him to be one step ahead of his opponent and be ready for any eventuality in the game.

Today, a midfielder, Jorginho will always remember the beaches of Imbituba which served as his classroom. He will also be sure to thank his mother for her success.

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