Jordan’s very borderline trash-talk against the 90s Zion


Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players in history, but also one of the greatest trash-talkers! The proof, he managed to unpin a superstar from the 90s ′ in just 2 words … Some would say he went too far, but the result is indisputable.

Michael Jordan was a dominant player with the ball in his hands, everyone knows that, but not that. If he knew how to do everything offensively and defensively, all his accolades attest, he was also able to gain the upper hand over his opponents by the sheer force of his words … 10 greatest trash-talking stories are simply legendary !

And sometimes, n ° 23 did not hesitate to go very far in his words… Too far? In a recent podcast appearance All The Smoke90’s Hornets superstar Larry Johnson returned to his first encounter with the Bulls legend. And in just two words, MJ had him unpin.

The first time I met Michael Jordan on an NBA court, he was walking as proudly as I was, he looked at me, and said, “How’s Dorothy doing? « . He told me that! I couldn’t play the game. He came up to me and asked me how my mother was doing! He used his first name!

It means that he went to do his research on my life, found that my mother’s name was Dorothy! He found his name. That evening I had to score 8 points I think, whereas at the time I was turning 24 on average!

Another proof that Michael Jordan was ready to do anything to get the best of his opponents!

And years later, these simple words still remain engraved in Larry Johnson’s mind! So some would argue that MJ didn’t have to go that far to dominate, but holding a monster like the 8-point Hornets superstar was quite a feat, and he did it in two words. The use of « Zion of the 90s » is not misused.

Michael Jordan was lawless in the field, this anecdote is further proof. This is also what made its success and its unrivaled domination in the league!


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