« Jordan was a shark, he kept putting Scottie Pippen down »

It’s no secret in the NBA microcosm, Michael Jordan was particularly tough and uncompromising with his teammates. According to a reporter who immersed himself in the ’90s Bulls, he was even a cruel shark to Scottie Pippen.

Always, Michael jordan had only one goal: to be the best. And in his long and glorious career, the fullback has never let anyone stop him on the path to excellence. He was slowed down by some opponents, such as the Detroit Bad Boys in the late 80’s, but he overcame this obstacle to clinch 6 titles in the following decade.

And to reach the heights, he needed an army ready to sacrifice itself around him. This is the reason why he has always been particularly hard with his teammates, in order to see with whom he could go on the battlefield that are the playoffs. During a training which is now legendary, he had for example not hesitated to come to blows with Steve Kerr, who is far from being the most nervous man in the NBA microcosm.

Michael Jordan, a shark with Scottie Pippen

And that singular attitude had a huge impact on his relationship with Scottie Pippen. It is no coincidence that the latter is today particularly vehement against number 23… According to Sam Smith, journalist and author of the famous book “ The Jordan Rules“, His Airness was particularly cruel to his teammate. In an interview with The Athletic, he even called it a « shark »

Scottie Pippen has always had this weird ambivalence with Michael Jordan. He wanted to be accepted, he wanted to be around Jordan, and I think it came from where he grew up. He always really wanted this acceptance, but MJ was a real shark, he categorically refused to acknowledge this request. He knew very well that people wanted to be around him, to get closer to him.

And when Scottie demanded to be treated like Jordan’s equal with the Bulls, he was perpetually put down by MJ. In the end he always crawled back to Horace Grant and his other teammates, since he was not recognized, accepted and appreciated by Michael Jordan.

According to these revelations, Michael Jordan was particularly obnoxious in the intimacy with Scottie Pippen, refusing to let him enter his close circle. The No. 33 was trying to be accepted as the equal of His Airness, but his efforts were unsuccessful, which makes their immense collective success even more impressive. The two stars were not the closest, and yet they won 6 titles with the Bulls!

Michael jordan refused to drop his guard with Scottie Pippen, despite the latter’s immense desire. The n ° 33 did everything to have a healthy relationship with his partner, but he obviously only received repeated criticism …

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