Jordan Veretout (OM): « I can bring more, that’s for sure »

How do you feel after these two defeats in a row in the Championship against Ajaccio (1-2) then PSG (0-1)?
We want to win again, we play at home against a good team (Lens) who is ahead of us in the standings. We want to get into this group of three. If we win, we go back to them. We will have to be ourselves.

Is it all the more important before the cut linked to the World Cup?
You have to stay in the peloton of three, it’s an objective. But we must not focus only on that, we must focus on our football. We have seen it, we manage to have results thanks to our game.

“A game different from what I have known”

How do you view Lens?
It’s a very good team in the Championship, we have arguments to put them in difficulty. We are at home, it is up to us to show a beautiful face. It will be a battle, we know that.

You mentioned your desire to turn a corner recently, could a goal unlock you?
Scoring goals helps but casually we do a lot of work in midfield. We are less visible than attackers or defenders, but we also run a lot. It’s up to us to try to be more efficient when we find ourselves in front of goal.

You seem less liberated than in Italy…
It’s a different game from what I experienced in Italy. I have a coach with a different football philosophy. There, I received the ball higher up the field, I had fewer meters to go to the goal. They are two different games. I bring a lot more defensively here. I can bring more, that’s for sure, but we also have instructions from the coach. I’m capable of better, but at the start of the season, it’s pretty good. »

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