Jordan Romano is recovering well from his knee surgery

This season, Jordan Romano was the ninth inning pitcher the Blue Jays needed. His bad outings were rare and at the end of the season, the pitcher responded well.

But yet, did you know the pitcher did it while being injured?

In fact, during the last two months of the season, the relief pitcher worked despite an injury or knee. It didn’t really show due to his good work.

He therefore had the operation and is currently in Florida to recover.

Obviously, he cannot train at the Blue Jays facilities due to the work stoppage between the players and the teams. But at least he’s still in a good environment at Justin Shaffer’s house.

In fact, the pitcher considers that after six weeks following the operation, he feels he has a new knee. The operation was therefore a success.

Besides, is that why at the end of the season, the pitcher no longer systematically squats before throwing? It is plausible since it is taxing for the knee.

Obviously, he must be treated without the help of doctors, which complicates the case. Hopefully he is treating himself in the right way.

I also have the feeling that after a season of 60 games in 2020, a hundred more games in 2021 and the ban on talking to therapists, there will be many injuries in 2022. But that is another matter.

Romano should therefore be ready for 2022. The Jays must add relievers, but not necessarily a closer since the Canadian is there.

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