« Jordan is the greatest, Pippen the second, and I am the devil »

Often put in opposition in recent months, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen do not benefit from the same historical treatment. However, in the eyes of a legend of their time, who qualifies himself as the « devil », the two former stars of the Bulls were indeed neck and neck!

For many years, the mention of Michael jordan in the GOAT debate leaves no room for debate. Due to his track record as long as his hangtime, and the way he was able to revolutionize the game, the legendary number 23 finds himself at the worst placed in the all-time rankings established by the fans. His former sidekick, Scottie Pippen, cannot say the same.

Considered to be MJ’s mere lieutenant by many, Pip ‘earned all of his titles in the shadow of His Airness. Never named MVP or MVP of the Finals, he can therefore hardly claim a spot in the ultimate gratin of the history of the league. This does not prevent him from claiming it, in comments that have recently been controversial.

Jordan and Pippen dubbed by the « devil » Rodman

Who better to estimate the value of Jordan and Pippen, than the latest member of the legendary Bulls Big Three? Recently voted Fashion Icon of the Year by the magazine GQ, Dennis rodman precisely mentioned his two former partners in an interview with the famous media. Respectful, he gives them both pretty labels… while showing much less praise towards himself!

Dennis didn’t use hard drugs, but he drank and partied every night, becoming a figure in Chicago’s nightlife, before showing up to every game (when not hanging) to give to the team all he had. It worked, with three titles won. “You had the best basketball player on the planet,” Dennis said of Michael Jordan, “second best with Scottie Pippen, and I was the devil. « 

While aware of his excesses as an NBA star, and the image he could wear because of them, The Worm did not however give himself this dark nickname alone. He reveals in fact that it was given to him during his period at Spurs, by a certain David Robinson.

Dennis says that once on the team’s plane, Robinson interrupted him while playing Nintendo with a teammate. « I said to him, ‘David, why are you looking at me?’ Dennis remembers. « He said, ‘Why do you always have to be the devil?’ I said to him, ‘What? The devil ? What are you talking about ?’ He replied, ‘You have to be different from others.’ « 

Different, Rodman made sure to be, since he cultivated this singularity during his period as a player. Without it, maybe he could have considered himself the 3rd best player in the world at the time, rather than a demon!

Teammate of the two best players in the world in his eyes during his years of glory, Dennis Rodman was content to take on the dirty role. Be reassured, many see him without doubt with more consideration than himself!

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