Jonathan Kuminga makes Warriors eyes shine | NBA

In two evenings, Jonathan Kuminga has just been compared to two All-Stars, and even downright to a double MVP. And from the mouth of Steve Kerr!

After the spanking received in Milwaukee, the Warriors coach had mentioned the athletic qualities of his rookie, and he had first compared him to the young Giannis Antetokounmpo, so raw when he arrived in the NBA.

“When you compare today’s Giannis to the rookie Giannis, you’re bound to think about JK’s complete inexperience. Not too much knowledge of the NBA, not really an awareness of what’s to come, but it was exactly the same for Giannis 10 years ago, or when he came to the NBA. I don’t know if there is a more athletic and physical player than Giannis, and he has learned to use his size and athleticism to get the upper hand in matches. A lot of players should watch him play. »

The Shawn Marion 2.0?

Twenty-four hours later, Kuminga responded to this comparison with his best game with 25 points, 3 assists and 3 blocks against the Bulls. At 19, the rookie reveals his immense potential as an “energizer” and as a “two-way player”. It’s hard to know if he’s a winger or a strong winger, and he also reminds Pascal Siakam with his versatility and his long segments.

But Kerr has another idea for him: Shawn Marion. He knows him very well since he was a manager in Phoenix when Marion became one of the best wingers in the NBA.

“The only thing we put forward is the ability to run on the field. To use his gifts, on both sides of the field. Every time, you have to sprint” explains Kerr. “When I was GM in Phoenix, we had Shawn Marion. He was one of the best athletes in the NBA. Every night he was getting high on the pitch. He wasn’t a great 3-point shooter. He was not a great passer. He was not a great dribbler. But he was All-Star simply because he was getting stoned on the court. When you run on the field, lots of good things can happen. »

“He is so athletic and his potential is incredible”

Author of a 10 out of 12 shots last night in 26 minutes, Kuminga swung the game in the second quarter with his power, his speed, but also his vision of the game and his defense.

“It can be inserted into any five” likes Stephen Curry. “With him, it’s just effort and intensity. He’s so athletic and his potential is amazing. Everything he does shines when he gives it his all. »

And what exactly does Kuminga think?  » I would say it’s the first time in my career where I really realize that I have to run to have easy baskets. With the coach, we watched videos, and I think running will help me score easily. »

For Curry, his rookie has a physical gift, and it will soon be very difficult to defend against him. Steve Kerr is also aware of this.

“This is the first step for JK: realizing that his athletic qualities are unique. They explode in an NBA game. Taking advantage of this gift will allow him to lay the foundations, and then his shooting will improve, his understanding of the game too… All his game will improve”.

Exactly like Giannis Antetokounmpo over the years…

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