JoJo Siwa: Fuller House’s Candace Cameron Bure shares Bible verse after influencer calls her ‘rudest celebrity’ she’s met

Full house star Candace Cameron Bure appeared to have a biblical response to JoJo Siwa labeling her the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met.

In a viral TikTok video, posted on Sunday (24 July), the DanceMoms alum flashed photos of celebrities alongside categories including “rudest”, “nicest”, “coolest”, and “celebrity crush”.

Underneath the first heading, “The rudest celebrity I’ve ever met,” Siwa turns her phone for a brief second to show a photo of Cameron Bure.

On Monday (25 July), the actor posted a Bible verse, Isiah 26:4, on her Instagram Story: “Trust the lord always.”

Bure later posted an Instagram Reel in which she revealed she’d called Siwa to apologise. She explained that at the Fuller House red carpet premiere in 2016, she’d snubbed Siwa for a photo and felt “crummy” about it.

Elsewhere in the video, Siwa revealed Zendaya as her “celebrity crush”, followed by Miley Cyrus as the “nicest” celebrity she’s met, and Elton John as the “coolest”.

She ends the video by exposing the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants as the celebrity “that did me dirty”.

Earlier this year, Siwa fans accused Nickelodeon of homophobia after the pop star said she wasn’t invited to the 2022 Kids Choice Awards.

Siwa came out as LGBT+ in 2021.

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