John Wall threatens: “If they leave this team, they will be kicked out of the league”

John Wall came close to never playing in the big league again, so he’s in a good position to offer some advice on the matter. As such, he has also warned several players within a specific franchise, advising them to take charge.

How do you rate John Wall’s season at the Clippers so far? In terms of numbers, his shooting percentages are scary with only 40% shooting including 30% at three points. But the main thing is elsewhere for the leader, back after a year in the closet with the Rockets. His 11 points and 5 assists on average off the bench are quite valuable for the Californians, who are in the race for a spot in the playoffs.

Suffice to say that on a collective and individual level, it’s night and day compared to his freelance in Houston, which chained defeats while he was on the sidelines, the franchise not wanting to compromise his chances in the draft while was in full reconstruction. For several months, the former Wizard did what he could to leave Texas, so he could show that despite the injuries he could still perform at the highest level.

J-Wall’s big warning for Houston youngsters

Fortunately for him, his buy-out finally took place and it was with Les Voiliers that he saw his rebirth. However, he has not forgotten his execrable experience with the Rockets and is particularly worried about the young players there. according to him, the mentality there is simply not the right one and the nuggets must be careful, or risk seeing their future in the league jeopardized…

I always tell Jalen Green, Kevin Porter, KJ Martin, don’t get used to this spiral of defeat. The league is not like that. At the same time, I had to tell them, « You’re doing so well here with the shit you’re doing, if you go to any other team, you’ll be kicked out of the league. » You wouldn’t play. I try to explain it to them because they think it’s cute. If you’re traded elsewhere, you’ll think, « That motherfucker was right. »

When we know that H-Town is among the favorites to draft Victor Wembanyama with the first pick next June, such a declaration coming from a star is frankly disturbing. The franchise may make some changes during the offseason, with coach Stephen Silas in the hot seat. Hopefully it can allow him to know the victory again, which would not hurt the players on the spot.

John Wall makes it clear, young people in Houston had better not accept repeated defeats too easily. The league does not forgive those who settle for mediocrity and if they end up changing teams, better be beyond reproach in terms of mentality.

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