John Cena Unrecognizable Before WWE Debut, You Won’t Recognize Him At All

John Cena is surely one of WWE’s greatest wrestlers and many people have done the famous « U can’t see me » at home. But did you know he hadn’t always served under Vince McMahon?

who has never watched Smackdown or Raw on a Friday night? Who hasn’t done the most iconic catches of WWE wrestlers with their little brother or sister on the bed? The world of wrestling has marked millions of young viewers across the globe. But if there has been a significant impact on the organization’s image, that’s fine. John Cena. Cap on the head, denim shorts, sneakers on the feet… And a heartfelt entrance to each event. But his person will forever be linked to that of the WWE, it is not there that he began his wrestling career. « Prototype », as he called himself before, then displayed a totally different look.

John Cena before WWE

If today there is the Image with a capital « I » WWE, It has not always been the case. Before joining the best-known professional wrestling organization in the world, the native of West Newbury, Massachusetts, had launched a career as a bodybuilder before focusing on catches in the ring (or over the third rope). He started his career at theUltimate Pro Wrestling in 1999. And fans of John Cena would not have been able to recognize him so much his look, his gait and his show is different from the one we all know. Forget the « U can’t see me » and make room for « The Prototype« , a half-human, half-robot character in… underpants. We leave you with the surprising images!

Noteworthy WWE debut

Two years later and after a stint in the WWF, the future WWE, in which he met a certain Batista… It was in June 2002, after non-televised events, that John Cena made his first appearance in front of the cameras in the largest wrestling organization in the world. Opposed to Kurt Angle, he will nevertheless lose the fight. But little John has entered the deep end from which he will not come out again for the next 20 years.

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