Johann Carta, president of Gazélec Ajaccio, indicted and imprisoned

Johann Carta, who took over Gazélec Ajaccio last July, was taken into custody after 96 hours in police custody.

It is not good to be president of Gazélec Ajaccio. In February 2023, Olivier Miniconi, Christophe Ettori and Mathieu Messina-Arrighi, who held this position between 2005 and 2022, will be tried for concealed work and abuse of corporate assets. They are suspected of having concealed bonuses, benefits in kind and mileage allowances granted to players and employees.

In recent hours, Johann Carta, the new owner and president of the club, has been indicted and referred. The Marseille prosecutor’s office issued a press release on Tuesday evening to explain the procedure: “As part of a judicial investigation followed by the JIRS (specialized interregional court) Marseille, relating to acts of extortion in an organized gang, fraud in an organized gang, money laundering in an organized gang and association of criminals, several people were placed in police custody on November 22, 2022. At the end, four people were was the subject of a warrant to bring before the investigating magistrate in charge of judicial information: Johann Carta and three people working for Crédit Mutuel d’Ajaccio. Johann Carta was indicted on November 28, 2022 for all of the aforementioned offences. At the end, he was presented to the judge of freedoms and detention who placed him in pre-trial detention. The other three people were subject to judicial review. »

Justice is interested in his good relations with the small barThis is not the first time that Johann Carta’s name has appeared in a court file. As part of an investigation into the financing of the Petit Bar gang, he had been placed in police custody, but had been one of the only people questioned to leave the hearing without being indicted. The Gazélec Ajaccio has long been presented as a club run secretly by the members of the Petit Bar. And justice considers that Johann Carta has excellent relations with Mickaël Ettori and Pascal Porri, two central figures in the organization.

Reached by telephone, Lionel Ferlaud, his lawyer, did not wish to speak, preferring to wait before commenting on the detention of his client who is now in Luynes prison. It was last July that the businessman from Ajaccio formalized the takeover of the club by buying the shares of Mathieu Messina-Arrighi, Pierre Anchetti and Antony Perrino. He became its president on November 15. Gazélec, which had been relegated administratively in June 2021, is currently playing in Nationale 3 and is the leader of its group. Johann Carta’s project is to make Gazélec a professional club again within five years.

As a reminder, Antony Perrino, this wealthy businessman from the island, was also indicted in the financial chapter of the Petit Bar gang file and spent nine months behind bars, before being released. on bail in October 2021.

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