Joey Gallo doesn’t blame the Yankees

Joey Gallo had a tough time, some really tough times, during his time with the New York Yankees organization. So much so that he no longer wanted to leave his apartment on the island of Manhattan and thus face the hard supporters of the Bronx Bombers.

But all that is now a thing of the past and the main interested party does not want to go back to his old training.

“It was the best opportunity for me, and for them, they had an elite outfielder to play for me. It was the best thing for both parties. I’ll never hold a grudge about it, I didn’t do my job up to my abilities, but it’s always nice to have a fresh start. »

The outfielder appreciates his new opportunity and his new surroundings. He no longer needs to shave his beard every day, he who likes to let his hair grow a little. He also enjoys the sea at the same price as his apartment in New York.

In addition, on the ground, it goes much better than in the Bronx. Gallo is batting for a .267 since arriving in the blue uniform, in addition to firing his first long pitch with the Dodgers.

And we can have fun saying that the curse of Joey Gallo has begun, since Los Angeles has a record of 8 wins and no losses compared to the Yankees’ only win against 7 losses since the trade.

Hopefully the success will continue for Gallo, he wasn’t being properly rewarded for all the hard work he put in, for all sorts of reasons.

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