Joel Embiid’s totally disappointed message after the elimination of the Sixers

If there is one Sixer who fought to the end in the series against the Hawks, it is Joel Embiid. Excellent despite a painful knee injury, the Cameroonian pivot can be proud of him! But after the surprise elimination of his family, he especially looked annoyed when talking to the fans …

After years of reconstruction to repeat ‘Trust the Process’, Philadelphia finally had all the weapons to win an NBA title … Joel embiid has never been so strong in his career, the Sixers had home advantage, and especially a relatively easy part of the table!

For such a strong team, with a great collective experience, facing the Wizards and then the Hawks should have been a piece of cake … Especially when you know that on the other side, Milwaukee had to face the Heat and then the Nets, the big boys. favorites for the title! But despite the stats in their favor, Doc Rivers’ men were taken aback by this young and spirited Atlanta team.

Obviously, the disappointment was great for the Cameroonian pivot who was exceptional from the first to the last match despite his knee injury. After the meeting he rushed to send a missile at Ben Simmons, then he sent a nice message to his fans on social media. He seems totally annoyed …

Philadelphia I love you! Sorry to have disappointed you again. Know that I gave everything I had despite the circumstances. If there’s one thing I’ve learned here, it’s the sturdiness that the city has, and that’s why I played with a meniscus tear. Thank you for your support throughout the year !!

Joel Embiid braved the pain to please his supporters and try to reach the Finals. A good proof of determination, especially since his injury could have worsened … The fans of the Sixers will probably not blame him after such a battle, they are anyway too busy criticizing Ben simmons !

Joel Embiid will take a few days to forget this terrible disillusionment… Afterwards, he will undoubtedly do everything to not be injured next season, which promises an incredible spectacle!

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