Joel Embiid’s scathing news on Ben Simmons!

Today at the Nets, Ben Simmons hopes to find the floors in the coming weeks. While waiting for a rocky reunion with the Sixers, the first disappointed is Joel Embiid. The latter claims to have made a lot of effort to bring him back, all while releasing a scathing statement about him.

The news fell on Tuesday: Ben Simmons is getting closer to his comeback. More than ever, the point guard is motivated by the idea of ​​returning to the courts, and helping Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant towards the title. This team has many unknowns, but fans can’t wait to see this Big 3 in action, as there’s great potential to be tapped into in the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, at the Sixers, the beautiful course continues in the East. The franchise has a string of victories, with a Joel Embiid who is among the favorites to win the MVP title, but he is not alone. However, the pivot remains a little annoyed after quite complicated months regarding the Simmons soap opera.

Joel Embiid cash on the Ben Simmons episode!

During an interview with journalist Malika Andrews, the Cameroonian returned to this sad outcome concerning Simmons. He does not hide it: he tried to react in order to bring the leader back into the workforce, and believes he has done what is necessary. Now ? Joel is completely disinterested in this situation.

I spent my time running, trying to bring him back and make him feel comfortable in this squad again. It was hard (the trade, editor’s note). But that didn’t matter to me anymore.

Clearly, Embiid believes he has done his best to allow Ben to return to the roster. He is aware of the player’s qualities, but the latter had already made his choice: a trade was preferable. Joel decided to turn the page, while waiting for an exchange, which took a long time to take shape.

Now everyone is on their side, and the reunion between Sixers and Nets promises to be explosive. It must be said that Embiid adds fuel to the fire, like with his recent troll against Simmons. You have been warned, you must not miss this match.

Between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, it’s clearly war. The next match between the two promises to be very special, with an atmosphere that promises to be tense. You shouldn’t miss that.

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