Joel Embiid named MVP? The crazy decision

Despite coming out of the best season of his career, Joel Embiid failed to get his hands on the MVP trophy. A disappointment that has just been mitigated by a new coronation for the Cameroonian… but not necessarily the one he was hoping for!

With a title of top scorer in his pocket, a career-high in terms of assists, and several all-time records hung during the season, he probably thought he would win the distinction hands down. And yet, Joel Embiid was not voted MVP, voters preferring him Nikola Jokic and his gargantuan season. A news that is undoubtedly difficult to swallow for the Cameroonian, whose recent news has not given him a smile.

Determined to win his first NBA title with the 76ers, the pivot could consider himself capable of it with James Harden at his side. Instead, it was at the same stage as last year that he left the playoffs, not necessarily very helped by his backcourt partner. In order to honor him for his efforts, Philadelphia nevertheless wanted to send him a symbolic gesture.

Joel Embiid inherits an unprecedented MVP title

At the start of his offseason, Embiid had enough to pull off, while his XXL performances will not have resulted in any major trophy. Philly wants to keep her star happy anyway, and has found an unusual way to do it. Thus, the town hall of the city awarded him an MVP award… but not necessarily the one that everyone knows!

The Philadelphia City Council just passed a resolution making Joel Embiid our MVP — “Most Valuable Philadelphian”

Not sure JoJo will feel as much joy as he would have crossed being voted league MVP when he finds out about the honor. The initiative is nevertheless commendable on the part of Phila.

In order to no longer receive such a consolation prize in the future, the Process should now spend a studious summer, during which it will try to continue its progress. For the time being, however, his state of health risks preventing him from doing so, since he recently recalled that he will have to undergo an operation for his injured thumb. Let’s hope that doesn’t eliminate him from the race for the most prestigious individual award next season!

Preceded by Nikola Jokic in the NBA ballot, Joel Embiid will nevertheless spend the offseason as MVP. He should still aim for the trophy again during the 2022-23 campaign!

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