Joel Embiid already bitter against Nikola Jokic?!

Even if the NBA has not yet revealed the final result, Nikola Jokic was announced MVP on Monday, by Adrian Wojnarowski. The double for the Serb, which did not fail to generate initial reactions, including that of Joel Embiid. As you can imagine, the 76er is not very happy.

Currently back with the Sixers, Joel Embiid did his best to overcome the Heat, well helped by James Harden during the last confrontation. Nevertheless, the pivot was waiting for news concerning a trophy for the least important: the MVP. Embiid was the big favorite alongside Nikola Jokic, although the Serb seemed to be popular with journalists. This was confirmed on Monday.

Joel Embiid furious after the result!

In the afternoon, Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed the information, even before the NBA revealed the result: Embiid will not be crowned MVP despite his performance and the Sixers’ very good season. This honor is for Jokic, who signs the back-to-back here. The NBA should make the news official within the week, or even very soon after this Woj tweet.

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was named MVP of the season for the second straight time. An official announcement is expected within the week.

It didn’t take long for the first feedback. According to Mike Singer, the Sixers learned the news recently, and Embiid was not very happy:

I was told yesterday that those of the Sixers were aware the news was coming. Obviously, Joel was not very happy.

Embiid, who is aiming for the title, has never hidden his ambition to win the MVP. It will not be for this year, enough to annoy the fans:

What time does Jokic play his playoff game today?

Visibly bitter, Joel Embiid did not appreciate losing this MVP title. Too bad for the Heat, because the pivot could take revenge on the franchise in the next game. We are still waiting for an official announcement, but this award has not finished talking about it.

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