Joe Dumars explains why the NBA eliminated ‘take fouls’

After a test phase in the Summer League, the NBA will eliminate « take fouls » from next season.

Indeed, basketball players were increasingly using this loophole in the NBA rules, cutting counter-attacks by committing fouls when they were not in the position of last defender. A way of breaking the game that we saw more and more, and that the league therefore decided to sanction more harshly. For her to disappear.

From now on, each “take foul” whistled against a player by the referees will automatically be penalized with a free throw AND possession returned to the opposing team.

“There are times when certain things appear in the game that need to be eliminated” explains Joe Dumars, new vice-president of the league. « The ‘take fouls’ were one of those unsportsmanlike actions, where one player just grabs another. It gave the game a bad image. When it comes to that, you have to clean up the game.”

With a throw plus the possession offered to the opponent, the « take fouls » will no longer be profitable.

“It’s like all stocks that aren’t basketball stocks. Make a feint then a meter to get into the defender to get a throw. We have to eliminate all these things because I firmly believe that if we keep the game clean, the basketball players in this league are so good that they will always find solutions and they will always shine. The best will always be the best, no matter what is allowed. We’re just trying to clean up the game, keep it clean, and let the best players do what they know how to do. »

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