Job dating in Saint-Pierre: sport as a new means of recruitment

The job dating operation « From the stadium to employment » is taking place this Thursday at the Casabona stadium, at the initiative of Pôle emploi Réunion and the Réunionnaise Athletics League. Companies and candidates meet throughout the day around collective sports activities. Sport is becoming a new way of recruiting.

On the lawn of the Casabona stadium in Saint-Pierre, groups of people are in full activity. They run, jump, measure themselves around workshops and games. These people do not know each other.

In these groups, there are job candidates that business managers and recruiters observe carefully: do they have team spirit? Are they responsive and persistent? For the past two years, the « From Stadium to Employment » operation has enabled business leaders to identify their future employees during collective sports activities.

Sport as a means of recruitment at the Casabona Stadium in Saint-Pierre

Job dating: sport as a means of recruitment at the Casabona Stadium in Saint-Pierre.

©Laurent Pirotte

Skills revealing sport

Sport reveals the abilities of each other. Skills transferable to the world of work.

For Astrid Combémorel, Deputy Regional Director of employment center, « the employers who are present in the middle will identify the know-how, the aptitudes, the people who communicate. They will identify the skills they need in companies and in the games that are made.

The recruitment operation takes place in two stages, with the sports events in the morning, and the job dating part, in the afternoon.

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