JJ McCarthy reveals Ryan Day could be behind Ohio State’s loss in the rivalry.

Ryan Day’s decision not to aggressively recruit Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy in high school could contribute to his eventual loss to Ohio State.

Although Ryan Day has had a good run since taking over from Urban Meyer as head of the Ohio State program, JJ McCarthy’s continued success as Michigan quarterback is a constant reminder of what could have been. to be in Columbus.

McCarthy grew up in Chicago and admitted to Michigan alum Rich Eisen last week that he was more attached to the Buckeyes growing up. Although both Big Ten rivals made it to the College Football Playoff, the Wolverines have won the last two meetings against Ohio State. McCarthy has a good chance of becoming Michigan’s best quarterback since Tom Brady.

So why didn’t McCarthy go to Ohio State when the Buckeyes could have taken advantage of his five-star talent from a neighboring Midwestern state? It turns out McCarthy was closer to the former Ohio State head coach than he was to Day. The latter decided to take another direction for the position of quarterback. McCarthy signed up to play for Jim Harbaugh in Michigan, and that was it.

Here’s what McCarthy said about The Rich Eisen Show last week regarding his recruiting for Ohio State.

“Urban Meyer left, and he was the one who recruited me,” McCarthy told the Ohio University website. The Rich Eisen Show last week. “After he left, it was the Coach Day show. Coach Day wanted to take a different path at quarterback for the Class of 2021. I respect him for his decision, but it was something that ignited a little fire in me. You really think you know it all, and you think you know what’s best for you, but God knows what’s best for you, and He’s going to put you in the right place. I arrived here a week and a half later, and Coach Harbaugh showed me nothing but love. The family atmosphere was immediate and you felt immediately at ease. It’s hard to feel in a lot of places on these college tours, because there’s a lot of authenticity and a lot of glitz and glamour. »

Here’s the entire segment McCarthy appeared in on The Rich Eisen Show last week.

Although this was McCarthy’s first season as a starter at Michigan, the Wolverines won back-to-back Big Ten titles thanks to his leading role in the passing offense under Harbaugh.

JJ McCarthy chose Michigan over Ohio State because of Ryan Day’s decision.

Admittedly, Day can’t be blamed for picking McCarthy when he enjoyed an excellent quarterback throughout his tenure at Ohio State. His first notable quarterback was former Georgia transfer Justin Fields, who led the Buckeyes to a national title fight and later became a top-12 pick by the Chicago Bears in the 2021 NFL Draft. also had CJ Stroud…

For the past few years, Day and Ohio State have had the upper hand at quarterback. Although no Buckeyes signal-caller has won the Heisman Trophy under his leadership, many Ohio State quarterback legends have been finalists for the award over the past half-decade. What really matters is what happens over the next year if McCarthy stays in Michigan.

McCarthy needs at least one more year of high-quality play to be a serious first-round pick. He could turn pro after next season, but his ETA for the NFL is likely closer to 2025 than 2024. Given that Stroud will be a top-10 pick this spring, Ohio State could actually be in a quarterback deficit. in play against McCarthy and Michigan next season and the year after.

Frankly, Michigan is in its best position as a program since Lloyd Carr’s heyday. While it won’t be easy, Michigan has the roster capable of winning the 2023 College Football Playoff. If the Wolverines can’t beat TCU in the Fiesta Bowl or Georgia in the national championship, they’re still on the list of teams that can win it all next year.

Ultimately, Michigan is in fantastic shape as a program, especially with McCarthy hitting his stride as a star freshman quarterback. When it comes to Ohio State, a national semifinal elimination to Georgia in the Peach Bowl, coupled with a third straight loss to Michigan in The Game next season, and you can start to see the cracks emerging in the foundation of Day’s strong Buckeyes program.

Meyer opted to pick the late Dwayne Haskins over Joe Burrow in spring training, that’s one thing, but having McCarthy be the reason Michigan won its first national title since Charles Woodson dominated the field in Ann Arbor, it’s a whole other story. McCarthy is proof that it’s never ideal to let a rookie with only one prize slip through the cracks and go to a bitter rival.

If Michigan and Ohio State win on Saturday, they will play for a national title in Los Angeles…

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