« Jimmy Butler’s new look? I love him, but he stinks of shit! »

Jimmy Butler is one of the attractions of this return to the NBA, since he presented himself with a new style making him totally unrecognizable. His look is also talking a lot about his colleagues, and one of his close friends did not mince his words…

When he is on a field, it is quite difficult to miss Jimmy Butler, he who shines with his talent but also with his combative mentality. He is still very active in defense, which does not necessarily impact his offensive performances, hence his importance in Miami. But this season, he will also be noticed by his new improbable style. Internet users do not let go:

Jimmy Butler looks like the best WNBA player in history.

Kyle Lowry destroys Jimmy Butler on his cut!

But Twitter users aren’t the only ones making fun of Jimmy Buckets’ new hair style, his own teammates haven’t let go since returning to training. Moreover, during an interview granted to the media of the franchise, Kyle Lowry did not mince his words when talking about haircuts.

Jimmy’s new haircut? She stinks of shit. I love him, but I told him before he even stepped on the podium for the press conference, his haircut stinks of shit. But he’s a troll, he wants everyone to talk about it. His hair sucks, he knows that, but if he’s happy and feels good like that, I’m happy for him too.

According to Kyle Lowry, and this is something that the main interested party has already said on several occasions, Jimmy Butler would have had this haircut to get people talking and to attract the attention of Internet users… An excuse that is not necessarily credible when we know that he has been wearing his extensions for several months. The shortest jokes are the best, we are well past that stage.

With his level in the field, Buckets can in any case afford all the capillary fantasies he wants, a bit like Dennis Rodman in the 90s. As long as he is one of the best players in the NBA, no one will be able to say anything to him, and no mockery will count. If his level drops, however, he will hear about his dreads.

At the start of the season, the main interrogationn around Jimmy Butler is whether he will keep his haircut is to say if he is a safe bet on the floor. In any case, he exposes himself to some mockery in the Heat locker room.

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