Jimmy Butler’s huge troll to piss off the league!

Jimmy Butler is not only an excellent basketball player, he is also one of the funniest players in the NBA. Moreover, he would already think of a huge troll to make fun of the league and all the broadcasters, who have decided not to respect him. Don’t be surprised if he returns from All-Star Break totally unrecognizable physically.

Jimmy Butler is true to form this season in Miami. If his team does not give off the same impression of power as in previous years and seems quite far from Boston or Philadelphia, the winger still gives everything he has to make the Heat a stronghold in the Eastern Conference. With 22 points, 6 rebounds and 4.9 assists on average, he remains a very serious leader.

Finally, serious on the pitch, since outside he is still just as crazy and as funny. We remember in particular his new haircut at the start of the school year, which had quickly made the rounds of social networks since he was unrecognizable. Broadcasters were disturbed by this sudden change, and ESPN decided to stop using images of Jimmy Buckets with dreads.

Jimmy Butler wants dreads again!

By showing up to the Heat’s media day with dreadlocks and no beard, Jimmy Butler forced all the media to make an updated stock image. But ESPN got tired of seeing it like this on screen, and because it quickly reverted to a simpler cut, officials decided to use an image from 2K23… A decision that the player doesn’t like, who sees this as disrespect, so he thought of a huge troll for revenge:

I don’t think it’s fair to change my photo without warning. I should be able to wear my hair the way I want to wear it. They are normally obliged to use the photo taken during the media day. They have to use it because I love my hair in this photo. I’m going to do the same thing when I come back from All-Star Break, I’m going to have dreads, so the media will have to come back to this photo.

Jimmy Butler likes to tease the world, and he obviously has ESPN targeted. To force the broadcaster to use the media day photo, the winger is ready to go back to the hairdresser’s box to have new dreads installed. He probably knows that he will be mocked by fans on social networks, but regardless, he wants to prove the biggest American chain wrong.

Jimmy Butler is a big kid and a big stubborn one. He decided that the media should utilize his photo with the dreads, even though he cut them many months ago, so he might just come back from All-Star Break with that viral cut.

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