Jimmy Butler and the Heat, sure bets?

Betting friends, betting friends, the time has come to get wet. On this Sunday, April 17, the first of the Playoffs, the NBA is offering us a magnificent program with four games with phenomenal stakes, two of which are at very European times! This gives, as always, many opportunities to double the kiff with a small bet, provided of course that you have a good nose.

Like every year, we will offer you – throughout the season – some advice to guide the more players among you, in the hope that it will be useful to you. The objective is clear: break our partner’s bank BetSport ! But always remember to gamble responsibly, which means only betting money you can afford to lose. Hashtag don’t do the boloss, you know.

Daily odds

  • 7:00 p.m.: Heat (1.36) – Hawks (3.50)
  • 9:30 p.m .: Celtics (1.57) – Nets (2.55)
  • 12:30 a.m.: Bucks (1.16) – Bulls (6.10)
  • 03:00: Suns (1.16) – Pelicans (6.00)

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The bet that we feel good

Jimmy Butler scores at least 20 points and the Heat win against the Hawks (2.00): the Heat, first in the East on the regular season, is favorite to win Game 1 of this series against the Hawks who have just qualified by eliminating the Cavs (on the night of Friday to last Saturday). Jimmy Butler will have an important role in this mission which consists in not giving hopes to the Falcons by locking this first game. The Heat winger averaged more than 21 points on the regular. And even though he’s only appeared in 57 games, it’s reasonable to assume the 20-point mark is well within his reach. Especially since the defense of Atlanta has not shone by its impermeability since mid-October. Jimmy will have shots, around the fortnight. He will have the opportunity to get shots too. All this put end to end will give him enough opportunities to raise his scoring above 20 units. The risk here is mainly divided between two parameters: the DeAndre Hunter parameter which can produce good defense on Butler and the blowout parameter which would certainly see Spoelstra save on his player’s playing time.

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The handset to try

Khris Middleton scores minimum 20 points against the Bulls and CJ McCollum scores minimum 20 points against the Suns (2.00) : Middleton has averaged just over 20 points since the start of the season. The Bulls defense is no obstacle for him. The odds are at 1.56. The odds for CJ McCollum to score minimum 20 points is 1.27. Reason enough to believe in its feasibility.

A little madness to finish?

Jaylen Brown sent 25 points AND 7 rebounds AND 5 assists (5.00): there we are really in madness! Jaylen can explode in the face of the Nets in this first game. He is the least talked about of the four stars of this fascinating series. 25 points, we believe it given the defense of Brooklyn. 7 rebounds, come on! 5 assists, that’s it, we’re crazy.

That’s all for today. Hopefully these tips will bear fruit. See you tomorrow at the banker for the opening of the PEL.

The odds offered in this article are likely to go up or down between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give this advice as an indication and subject to the odds being always available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet guessers).

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